Obviously I dressed myself that day


Family Photos

My Mother, Alice Virginia Johnson

My Father, Edward Oscar Johnson

My Grandmother, Anna Johnson

My Brother, Paul Conrad Johnson

My Sister, Georgianna (Jan) Johnson

My Brother, Alan (aka Widge) Johnson

Man with a plan

My BB Gun

My brother, Stephen Carl Johnson and me

Back in the day, this was THE obligatory cowboy photo. Not my pony, not even my house in the background (next door neighbor's). The striped shirt was mine. As I recall, I was packin heat too.

My second guitar, a Roy Smeck

1959 Holy Family High School



Choir (4th row, 2nd from left)

Three generations of Johnson, January 20, 2009

Truly and my grandson Zach, showing off their Canadian citizenship papers

My Daughter, Truly

Truly - Promo shot for CD cover