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Updated 11/1/08

Jack Sundrud is a fine writer and singer. We've written a tune or two together. He's one of the best. Check out his site.

Cotten Music is my favorite music store in Nashville or anywhere else. Fantastic acoustic guitars, guitar repair, accessories and really fine people.

Harry And David  Best fruits and food gifts I've ever seen - great for Holiday shopping.

The Albert Augustine Ltd.  The fantastic story of Albert Augustine and Andres Segovia's persistent and exacting work, resulting in the revolution of classical guitar strings. Articles, photos and of course, string ordering information.

I collect Pepe LePew things. I even have some red silk Pepe LePew boxers. Anyone finding a cool Pepe site, please let me know. I also collect Pillsbury Dough Boy stuff. I was the voice of the PDB for 13 weeks a long time ago. (Just the giggle, he didn't have any lines then.) Any sites would be nice. Just don't poke me in the belly next time you see me.

Robin and Linda Williams  Good friends and a great way to keep up with these fine musicians.

DeadReckoners.com  My friend, the poet and artist Kevin Welch is part owner of Dead Reckoning, a great record label. He is their principal artist, but Dave Olney, Kieran Kane, Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods are very important artists. Check them out.

Official Leo Kottke Home Page  What more can I say?

Parabola Magazine - Myth, Tradition, and the Search for Meaning  A wonderful magazine and a great site.

Utne Reader Online  Also a fine magazine and site. Alternative reading and thinking.

The Historic Taos Inn--Taos, NM  My favorite Hotel on Earth.

History Channel  I'm hooked on the History Channel. Of course it's probably because I was alive when half the stuff they show on it happened. The site goes into much more depth than the cable channel itself. They are growing rapidly and if you're also a fan, they need support, and guidance.

Photos direct from Hubble Telescope   I'm a kid about astronomy, cosmology and science in general. Beautiful photographs - truly expanding viewing.

NASA Planetary Missions  Future dreams - The program's prime objective is to enhance our understanding of the solar system, both historically and as it is today, by exploring the planets, their moons and other small bodies, either by traveling to them or remotely from the vicinity of Earth.

Peet's Coffee & Tea  Best coffee - order online.

The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection  Antique sheet music; beautiful cover photos - thousands of peices of music. Reproductions available.

Michael Johnson connections

Updated 4/25/2022

Lonnie Knight

Harvey Reid
Harvey is a fine guitar player, an avid collector and a most interesting person.

Randy Sharp
Randy is one of Michael's most favorite writers.

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Page
On this site you will find an ever growing collection of articles, reviews, and interviews. There is also quality guitar Tablature and MIDI music that is exclusively Fingerstyle Guitar. There are also special pages with reviews of Fingerstyle Books and Videos.

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