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MJ Singles

Release DatePeak PositionTitleAlbum
1965   Hills
1973   On The Road There Is A Breeze
1973   Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon There Is A Breeze
1977   Movin In The Same Circles Ain't Dis Da Life
4/22/78 Pop 12
AC 1
Bluer Than Blue The Michael Johnson Album
8/5/78 Pop 32
AC 4
Almost Like Being In Love The Michael Johnson Album
12/9/78   When You Come Home The Michael Johnson Album
1/13/79   Sailing Without A Sail The Michael Johnson Album
8/4/79 Pop 19
AC 5
This Night Won't Last Forever Dialogue
2/2/80 Pop 101
AC 29
The Very First Time Dialogue
8/23/80 Pop 86
AC 34
You Can Call Me Blue You Can Call Me Blue
1980   After You You Can Call Me Blue
1981 #1 in
I'll Always Love You Dialogue
1981   You're Not Easy to Forget Home Free
1983   Lifetime Guarantee
(B side was "One Step Ahead of the Bad News" - not released on an album)
Lifetime Guarantee

Bluer Than Blue

Bluer Than Blue

Bluer Than Blue - back

Bluer Than Blue

This Night Won't Last Forever

This Night Won't Last Forever

Dancin' Tonight

Dancin' Tonight - back side

You Can Call Me Blue

Release DatePeak PositionTitleAlbum
11/16/85 9 I Love You By Heart
(Duet with Sylvia)
Sylvia: One Step Closer
1985   There's A New Kid In Town A Country Christmas Vol. 2, Various Artists
4/26/86 12 Gotta Learn To Love Without You
(B side was "River Colorado" -
not released on an album)
9/27/86 1 Give Me Wings Wings
1/31/87 1 The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder Wings
6/13/87 26 Ponies Wings
10/17/87 4 Crying Shame That's That
1987   This Time Of Year Mistletoe and Memories
Various Artists
4/2/88 7 I Will Whisper Your Name That's That
8/27/88 9 That's That That's That
12/17/88 52 Roller Coaster Run
(Up Too Slow, Down Too Fast)
That's That
1989   Jacques Cousteau
released in Britain only
B side: Life's A Bitch (And Then You Die)
Life's A Bitch
1991   One Honest Tear Michael Johnson
1997   Whenever I Call You Friend Then & Now
*Peak Position source: Billboard