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Me backstage with MJ at the Guthrie June 22, 1975

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This website began as http://members.aol.com/mjbluer in June 1997 with Michael's blessing and switched to mjblue.com in 1999. It was already the "official site" when Michael put the URL on his Then & Now CD in October '97. It's been a labor of love in every sense and has gone through many designs, always with Michael's creative input. After his death, I redesigned it to be responsive across all platforms in addition to adding more pages and photos. Though it has a more simple design now, I hope Michael would be happy with it and I always keep in mind what he would want.

This site is an expression of my great admiration for Michael and for his music and I continue to work on it as I did when he was here. He asked me if I would be his music archivist shortly before he died as evidently he trusted in my judgement of his catalog and he gave to me his treasure trove of media. Michael also gave me many print articles and photos years ago and I'll be adding many of those soon, in addition to items contributed by you as I continue to improve and add to the site. If there's anything you'd like to see or hear, please contact me. This is all for you, because as we all know, Michael has the best fans in the world. The Facebook fan page remains up (I created it in 2009 and Michael shared in its admin duties).

I have loved MJ's music since 1972 and became a friend shortly thereafter. (Brief mention of me at the beginning of this newspaper interview.) He's been my favorite performer all my life. I never thought to ask him when I had the chance why he asked me to be his archivist over his family and musician friends but I didn't hesitate to say yes. It was a great honor that he put his trust in me to carry on his legacy.

Mention of me from his 1990 work tape:

I hope you take the time to experience his immense talent from the 60's and through the next six decades with his demos and videos.

Michael Johnson Photo
Les and Joni
Thank you to everyone who's donated or bought a CD to keep this website funded. Thank you to all the fans who have become lifelong friends.

Thank you to Les Irvin, webmaster of jonimitchell.com, for the inspiration, advice and friendship.


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