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The original message board didn't survive the new server migration. But now we have lots more disc space now for music files.

Thankfully I was able to archive the message board and it's here in 4 sections. There are over 5,000 postings so I had to split them up. I've put in many hours so far on the first two, putting the messages in proper thread order, checking links, deleting spam and still am not done. I haven't started on the other two.

I hope you'll browse through the posts. I've so enjoyed reading Michael's and your postings while working on them and I look forward when I can take the time to read them all in order.

I just hired a programmer to create a search script for the entire website and for this message board. It should be available soon.

Cindy 12/22/18

As for the new message board, I tried a free online forum but have settled on a Perl board like the old one but operates more similar to forums you're probably used to. It's a top rated board with a lot of features. This one requires registration to post but not to view.

New Michael Johnson Message Board

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to contact me using the "contact webmaster" below or post on the new board!