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A place to discuss and celebrate Michael's life and music.

Well, the message board didn't survive the new server migration. I'm so bummed. Our web host apparently gave me wrong information to test it so I was led to believe it was going to transfer fine. But now we have lots more disc space now and I'm hoping to upload MJ's out of print music (shhh).

I was able to archive the message board and I will have it all here soon with the ability to search. Losing Michael's messages which he posted since 2000 along with over 5,000 fans' postings was not an option. (Above is three years' worth of posts. Still working on this one, it's a manual process to get all the archives up.)

I have been looking into other message boards - either free or low cost. It doesn't appear any of these can migrate the old board's messages (only high price forums have this option). I started a Google Group (three times!) but it appears you have to create a Google account in order to post. Some people may not want to do this. I want to make it easy as possible to post. Below is a link of a board I have set up. I haven't customized it much but please check it out, post a message if you want. I guess like all other boards, you have to register in order to post messages. Sorry.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to contact me using the "contact webmaster" below or post on the new board! Unless I hear anything negative, I'll replace this page with the board page in a few days.