Back row: David Boise, John Denver, Paul Prestopino, Bob Hefferan. Front: Michael Johnson
Courtesy of Bob Hefferan; thanks to John Marlowe.

Denver, Boise & Johnson (left to right: Michael, David Boise, John Denver)
Bandersnatch Coffee House, Denison University, Granville, OH, 1968
Click on photo for larger view. Photo courtesy Tim Lynch

Denver, Boise & Johnson (left to right: John Denver, Michael Johnson & David Boise)

Click on photo for larger view. March 7, 1968 concert held at the Memorial Student Center, Graceland College, Lamoni, IA. Copyright Graceland University.

Denver Boise Johnson

Denver, Boise & Johnson - Mike Douglas Show, July 1968
from left: Michael Johnson, David Boise, John Denver, actress Barbara Parkins, Mike Douglas, Paul Prestopino. Click on photo for larger view.
When Chad Mitchell departed from the trio in 1965 to pursue a solo career, the then-unknown John Denver was recruited as his replacement. The group's original name was changed to the Mitchell Trio, and more personnel changes ensued during the next few years. Joe Frazier left in 1967 and Mike Kobluk departed in the following year, replaced by David Boise and Mike Johnson. With none of the original members remaining, the trio was renamed Denver, Boise, and Johnson. After working with the Mitchell Trio for nearly four years, John Denver decided to strike out on his own, after Mike Johnson had left the group.
"Folk Music: More Than A Song" by Kristin Baggelaar and Donald Milton

Click on photo for larger view. Picture from the "Miami Student" newspaper, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, October 8, 1968, for the 10/12/68 concert.
Courtesy of the Miami University Archives & John Marlowe

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