Michael's Final Tour

Okay. Please...don't quit playing, please join the choir, maybe lead it, say hi to Andres Segovia and please play triplet studies regularly, please greet Jimmy LaFave and have him fill you in on newbie stuff...he's been there a short time, but, you know, he's got cloud smarts. Word we get is that B-12 works wonders there too. You seem like you might be a Kilt Guy..and plaid is such a Minnesota thing/...pick a clan. If they have days up there, like ours, please sing at us in the morning...it'll be good for all parties. You done well down here. Not just your talents, but your being a good human. Thanks for that. If they have sashes up there, pick out a nice one in Norwegian Blue, and strut about with Loki dressed the same. Pull pranks Never lose a groove. That's about it for now. As Python would say, Hugs & grunties, Steven Anders