You will be missed

I first saw Michael perform in 1981 as a college student at Winona State University. I went to his concert (not knowing who he was) because it was something to do and it was "free". However, I came out a dedicated and adoring fan! I remember sitting there afterwards and not wanting to leave. After that I bought his records (vinyl at the time) and every year for Christmas I asked for tickets to Michael's concert at Orchestra Hall and attended every year for 13 years until I moved to Arizona.
Michael's songs touched the heart... his guitar playing was phenomenal and his voice one of a kind and to top it off his sense of humor was an extra added bonus! Simply put he was the best.
He will never know how many people's lives were touched by his music....those like me who never knew him personally.
Deepest condolences to his entire family and all his friends.