Moonlit Deja Vu

Dear Michael
I am a few years older that you are so I have been around and loved your music for a very long time. Back in the eighties, my wife and I were living in New York in the village and with the little money we had, we bought an old victorian house in upstate New York in the middle of nowhere. It was a magnificent place way out in the country surrounded by dairy farms and we loved it. Every Friday night we would drive from Manhattan almost four and half hours to the house. It was a long and dark ride and the thing that makes those trips memorable to me to this day is the soundtrack of your voice coming our of our car stereo in the old Saab we owned. Both of us loved your songs because we were in love and you knew what that meant both good and not so good. Sadly she died ten years ago. And until recently, your older music was one of the key things that always brought her back to me. And then I listened to "Moonlit Deja VU" and realized that your newer music can do the same thing. It has that same magic. It's almost as if that young guy full of hope and love has been replaced by an older version...a little banged up but still with the knowledge that the only thing in this world that matters are the people who love us and the people we love. You have been the soundtrack to some wonderful sweet times in my life and now with Moonlit Deja Vu you are doing the same for me going into 2017. Five years ago I fell in love again and moved to be hear her in Charleston SC.
I've come full circle both in my life and with your music and I want you to know how grateful I am to you for all you have given me over the years. Blessings
Chaplain Robin Bugbee, Charleston SC