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Hello in There : I have video tape of MJ on the American Music Shop with Strength in Numbers as the back-up band , Michael does some solo stuff ..That's That.. and the Phantom 409 { ones a cleaning product.] Also ,on the show..the tape , is Beth Nielson Chapman..she does some solo stuff, and a duet with Michael..( It must be you ). Anybody out there have any interest in this ten year old treasure?????. Michael... I know you from a way back when.. even before websites , it was a dumpy Connecticut venue.. the girl that opened for you was playing a cutaway black washburn guitar that somewhere in the middle of her act the guitar strap slipped off the strap knob and came down on the stage with a great big BOINGGGGGGG.. being plugged in ,as it were,that made for an interesting sound, which really didn't seem to stop her from carrying on because she just picked 'washburn' up off the stage floor ,and carried on. Amazingly SO, the guitar didnt sound one bit different. Jonathan Winters was there too, eating beans off the stove with a very large wooden spoon,and equally as interesting was a trip to an equally as interesting Massachusetts Kaffe house, but being Massachussetts ,with the cloverleafs and all, it wasn't nearly as uptight for the wrong reason as a Connecticut let"s get lost trip can be .. and I wrote a very interesting review.that never was published about all this ..a life experience thing I think, kind of like woodstock,but not nearly as crowded.and then there was the Mountain Stage on the radio., not nearly as meaning full as BEING THERE ,IN THE MOUNTAINS,, all of this was Somewhere between Thats That and Departure. So ANYWAY..Happy New Year... Maureen