Back in the day, I was a devoted 'cco-fm fan. I tried to do some recall of on air personalities and came up with Terri Davis, but I think there was another female host that introduced me to Michael Johnson with an on air live interview and a performance of "Rooty-toot-toot-for the moon". I was hooked and ran to the local record store in Cottage Grove to snap up the original Atlantic release, which I still have! Well, I followed that with a ticket to a performance in Northrup Auditorium and went all by myself, cuz I just could not convince my compadres to attend. Mind you, this was after I had attended a Minnie Riperton concert in St. Paul, with less than stellar reviews from the friends I convinced to attend with me. I am still glad I went to THAT concert.
I can safely say that my musical taste was eclectic and greatly influenced by the mix that reflected the cultural diversity that was the Twin Cities back in the day. Several years later I found myself as a DJ at a small radio station in Nebraska and lo and behold, there was Michael Johnson in concert in Kearny Nebraska. My girlfriend, at the time, and I raced to see you and we were greatly pleased at the wonderful performance you gave that night. She was working part time at the local hotel and had to check her hours after the show. Who should show up in the Lobby after the concert, but the one an only! I had to work the next day on air and had to politely decline your offer to socialize. To this day I regret that I turned down the offer. (ahh the Minnesota work ethic still holds me firm). When Almost like being love came out, well....I knew I had invested my devotion well. Even after all these years I am surprised to see what comes next. Ahhh, youthfulness!