Hi Michael, I am Danny Kahn, Andys dad from the santa rosa festival. I have been excited all day about the video of "and I'll always love you" that you let Andy take. It means a lot to me and it really brought me back to a beautiful time in my life, yes about 37 years ago! I was telling Andy that after about the 14th time listening to it, it brought tears to my eyes just thinking about that time in my life and you and your music were a big part of those years. I wish I could show you the video I had of me and some friends singing 25 words of less to a bunch of girls at a high school party! Yes, we all loved you, and still do! Thanks for all that you have and continue to do with your heart felt music. I hope that you'll make it down to Atlanta one of these days, we'd love to come and see you.

Danny Kahn