The Concert Tonight, The Music & Other Things


Where do I begin? Tonight's concert was awesome! You were busy with other admirers I didn't have time to tell you some things. First, the CD with the a cappella arrangement has some caveats. First the popping from the punches. It's the first time I've used the Mac studio. I'll have to get a foot pedal. Secondly, the big pause between the intro and the song. I was going to do something else there and didn't like it and haven't figured how to cut, delete and move yet and thirdly, I was a little sharp on one note (I'm not going to say which one). Now, enjoy the song.

I've never had the opp to tell you how important your music was/is to me. Back in the 70s when you released "There Is A Breeze" I had just been released from the obligations of a relationship (how's that for double talk). It came on the heels (and I do mean the heals) of another relationship that had gone south for the entirety. I was devastated. I picked up your LP only because I liked the cover but low and behold, it was some of the most beautiful music I'd ever heard. It comforted my soul. It was almost as if you'd written some of the songs just for my situation. Thanks to your artistry I got thru it. Over the years I've had my breakups and you always had a song for me. (I don't know if that speaks more about you or me).

One of my former female companions (the first one of the two mentioned above) surprised me by our breakup. I have always connected your "There Is A Breeze" LP with her. I have recently re-connected with her. She now lives in (wait for it...) Minneapolis, MN where you now reside. I keep telling her to check out one of your concerts. Proof that life can come full circle.

Thank you for sharing God's gift of yours with us. Who knows, maybe someday I'll attend a concert in MN with my aforementioned friend (with my wife's permission of course) and take in some of the most wonderful music on this planet!