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I have the go ahead to put up a concert photos page, and this will include more of the Johnson/Kottke concert. I'm just having trouble finding the time to work on it.

The concert was something that seemed a once in a lifetime thing. Though I've seen the two of them perform together on TV, I've never seen them together live. Michael brought me to Leo's dressing room before the show and introduced me - I told Leo that while I had never formally met him before, he had been in Michael's dressing room at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis in 1974 - which was the first time I had met Michael. I've long been a fan of Leo's but only had seen him perform once and that was probably 20 years ago.

Michael and Leo had rehearsed Mona Ray for a little bit at the end of Michael's sound check on stage but now in his dressing room, they practiced some more while I took tons of pictures (good thing I learned after a couple that I didn't need to use the flash). John Stropes was video taping it as he's writing the tablature for it, the duet version.

Michael's set was first, they each did about an hour set. He sang my request: the new Hugh Prestwood song "Some Hearts Truly Break", I think it's called. Michael called it "Oklahoma Stray." Afterwards, he met with everyone and signed CDs and there was still a few waiting when Leo's set started.

I missed the beginning of Leo's set, and missed the song I had really wanted to hear live ("Rings"). He had a cold and thus was not feeling well but you wouldn't have known it. Michael came out to sit with us for a while, too, to listen. Leo talked a lot in between songs and sometimes it was hard for me to follow his stories but I blamed that on my pain medication.

Then for Leo's encore, they both came out, which had not been announced to the audience, but I'm sure everyone was wondering and hoping, though there probably were some who had been unaware of Michael and Leo's connection from the past. The promoter of the concert said he thought the audience was split half and half in terms of MJ's fans versus LK's fans. BTW, I think the hall held around 800 and I think it was sold out as only 80 tickets hadn't been bought in advance. John Stropes said they had gotten phone calls inquiring whether Michael and Leo would be performing together.

I think Leo and Michael literally tuned their guitars longer than the song itself lasted. During the tuning, Leo deadpanned, "Look how excited they are" and then, "It's too bad we only have one tune." The duet performance was wonderful and I truly feel sorry for many who left right before Leo's encore and thus, missed the duet. It was the highlight of the show and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I'm glad too, that Michael and Leo got to hook up again after not seeing each other for awhile. Leo still lives in Minnetonka, MN but of course Michael moved from there to Nashville quite a while ago.