Moonlit Deja Vu

Great CD, Michael! I was first taken by April Fool (which compares favorably with any of your previous hits!) It's a wonderful song and like many on this CD, after it gets in my head, it just keeps hitting replay. For me, April Fool, How Do You Know What You Know, One Mile Apart, Learning How to Love, and The Day I'm Over You are my immediate favorites. Emilio, My Favorite Lies and Kiss Me Goodbye come next. It's been in my car CD player for the past three weeks and I've had no desire to change it out for something else. It's just a wonderful, easy listening CD.

May I suggest something... How about releasing through your website a karaoke CD of these songs. It's another way to share your music and to make money via another route. There's a whole bunch of your music that would be wonderful on karaoke. I've found "Bluer Than Blue", "Give Me Wings", "The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder", "This Night Won't Last Forever", "I'll Always Love You", on karaoke, but there are so many great others that aren't........For example: "That's That," "I Will Whisper Your Name," your slowed down version of "Almost Like Being in Love", "You Can Call Me Blue", "Rosalie," "Ponies", "Sailing Without a Sail", "Company Man", "You're Not Easy to Forget," "If I Fell From Grace...", "Right Through the Heart," "You Sure Fooled Me," and several others. I'm guessing the instrumentals are already there on most of these. All it would take would be adding scrolling lyrics.

Still waiting for you to come to Texas. Perhaps one of the casinos in southern Oklahoma. It would certainly be worth the drive up to see you. Anyway, all the best with your new CD. Thanks for the great music throughout the years.