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I'm actually picking some tapes out for the long drive back to MKE and back for Easter. Tonite as I was watching the tribute to Joni Mitchell, I started to get that old feeling back. The one I first got listening to my stereo with the lights out in my foks' basement rec room, while putting myself through my undergraduate studies at MSOE. The same one that led to my doing the radio show - and which I had for the first 4-6 years on-the-air. The feeling I got from starting my week late on a Sunday evening, with all of the lights in the studio turned down, the blinds pulled up so I could see out into the world in the darkness, and putting together sets of fine music. The same feeling came from being able to showcase the many local and national artists I was able to.
I lost that feeling for many years. occasionally listened to music, but not with the same soul refreshing feeling that I once did.

Hmm...maybe again on-the-air someday...

If not, revisiting the record collection...