Minnetonka soundcheck 76?

Our family grew up in Minnetonka Minnesota, on Steele St, just a block away from Tonkawood Drive. Way back in 76 or 77, I was biking along Tonkawood Drive, near the old little 2 story house, near the busy corner of Minnetonka Blvd on a pretty spring day.

We kids grew up in a very musical family and my mom, in passing, mentioned that a singer/guitarist lived in that little house. "Michael something..." , she said.

Anyway, as I was riding past the little house, there was a man with blond hair, sitting on a stool in the yard, singing into a microphone. The long mic cord ended on (what seemed to a little kid, like me) a huge PA system.

The music was beautiful.

I parked my bike and I asked the singing man, what was happening. Out of the big PA system came a friendly, booming response: "practicing for a big concert...".

Later that year, Bluer Than Blue came out on the Minneapolis radio stations.

It was my mom who told me it was that very man and I told her I saw him practicing for his big concert.

That was Michael Johnson.

Not everyday a little kid remembers such a small event that soon became a very popular talent, in sleepy Minnetonka.

Do you remember?