The lyrics to "Oklahoma Stray"
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I took you up on that suggestion. Best as my ears can tell, here are the words to that song. Only word I am not sure about is whether Michael is singing "baby" or "maybe"...:

"Oklahoma Stray"

Baby, once in Oklahoma I took in a stray cat

Well I came home from work one day, and there she sat.

But someone long before me had injured her so much,
although I fed her for a year, never did we touch.

Some hearts truly, maybe some hearts truly, truly break.

Well I swear nobody chooses to live a life alone,
but I guess trust drains away when hearts cut to the bone.
God forbid I lose you, 'cause baby, come that day,
I swear I'll be just another Oklahoma Stray.

Some hearts truly, baby some hearts truly, truly break.

Nothing is more gentle,
nothing is more fragile,
nothing more in danger,
nothing more courageous than an open heart.

Baby once in Oklahoma, well I took in a stray.
Then one night I found her on the roadside where she lay.
And then at last I held her, and then I dug a grave.
I cried for her, and cried for all the hearts love could not save.

Baby, some hearts truly, baby some hearts truly, truly break