song requests and old vinyl

Although I posted a list on the guest book, I will re-post it here as it seems to be the place to be.

Song ideas for the live CD:

Ghost In This House
Why It Kills Us to Compromise
By Heart
Photographs and Memories
It's My Job
Don't Look for Love
Catch Another Butterfly
Wonderful World of Sex
My Old Yellow Car
When She Smiled at Him

Sorry for so many, I guess I have just have been hanging around
those concerts for too many years (since the mid 70's)

Whatever you choose, best of luck, and thanks for finally rewarding us with these concert favorites of many years.

Also, I saw the post asking about Wings: Cheapo Records (the vinyl half) on Snelling Ave in St. Paul, Minnesota had copies of virtually all the RCA and EMI records, as well as one or two of the Sanskrit releases, when I was there last week. They were going for about $5 or so and most seemed in great shape.


Scott Julian