house concert


My wife Max, and I have been putting on some nice house concerts. We've got Bill Staines here on March 19th. We're in Trinidad, Colorado, about two hours south of Colorado Springs (on I-25). We're a great port in the storm. We'll get about forty folks for Bill, at ten bucks a head, plus the CD sales are always pretty good.

You and I actually have one of those six degrees of separation deals. After my last real job in '72, I played music for several years in the Midwest, at places like Charlotte's Web, the Earl of Old Town, Cafe Extempore and a whole bunch of other venues in the area. Although we never actually played together, we met a few times at Charlotte's Web(what ever happened to Dick Pinney?). When the folk scene took a dumper in the mid 70's, I went to the Conservatory in San Francisco and continued my classical guitar studies for about a year. I concertized on the guitar for a bit, and then hooked up with Chris Kennedy (I think you know him from Rock Springs)in 1978. We played together for a few years around the U.S, but mostly in Canada and Alaska. I started my art career in 1982, and that's been my mainstay for the last quarter century. I still do a few instrumental concerts each year (Latin, jazz, old standards) just to keep my hand in the music game.

Although you're probably sick of platitudes, you are still the best solo performer I've ever seen.

Wow! Didn't intend to be so long-winded. Anyway, I would be thrilled if you would consider making a stop-over in Trinidad on your next junket to the West. We've got a nice place in the hills overlooking town, with a comfortable guest room and a good living room for forty folks and a itinerant musician. The latch-string's off the door.

I wish you the best. Travel safe.

Eric Michaels