Re: a few ideas for the live cd

Yeah,I know,Software was a weird choice to put on the Departure CD. I wanted to put a song in the middle of an acoustic project which didn't have a molecule of acoustic music in it. The idea was the juxtaposing the two types of music, Software was really fun to co-create (I wrote it with Randy Goodrum, who did most of the production with his synths and sequencers). I thought it would be cool to do a song about a guy who falls in love with his computer, and have it be entirely in the digital world, using virtual tracks, nothing "real" except the vocals. I figured it was a fun way to be true to the idea of the song and that the contrast between it and the others would make the meaning of the song even more obvious.

Alas, most folks thought it was too strange and unrelated. It sure was fun though.