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I am a Registered Nurse in Minnesota. I see the effects of all the uninsured and underinsured daily. It is a travesty in our lifetime. Insurance companies picking and choosing what they will pay for and who they will insure becomes a horror for litterally hundreds of thousands. Statistics show medical bills is one of the leading causes of bankruptsy in our country. Thousands of hard working dedicated individuals are hemorhaging thier resourses to pay for thier outstanding medical bills due to the high cost of medical care, insurance compainies citing "pre-existing conditions", and the prohibitive cost to those hundreds of thousands now finding themselves without a job and without insurance.
We need to seriously look into changing the Medicaid (welfare) insurance system and stop using the nations Emergency Departments as their primary care facilities. It is costing Americans Billions of dollars a year alone! We need to stop criminals from bleeding our resourses by getting arrested to get thier medical care. Yes, that is what I said. There are thousands of arrestees that as soon as they are incarcerated get surgery and unpresidented medical care because "we cannot deny them medical care". Women are getting arrested for even petty crimes just before delivery of thier unborn child knowing they will get this paid for. THIS IS NOT THE MEDICAL SYSTEM WE NEED! I believe if they get state and federal benefits they should have to pass a urine test. This way it will weed out those using OUR hard earned money to pay for THEIR drug habits.
This is a huge opportunity for the people of America to choose a President that will help us ALL not just the elete. Senator Obama's own mother suffered from cancer and had to fight the insurance company to help pay for her care they were denying. He has a plan that will help many of us to obtain insurance so we can get the care we so deeply need. Looking at Senator MCCains plan, he is going to "pay the insurance companies $5000.00 FIRST" then WE pay the deductables until we get to the $5000.00!! In his "plan", there IS no plan for pre-existing conditions. That will make everyone with Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Cancer histories etc. NOT ELIGIBLE for insurance!! Most of America cannot afford THIS plan. Myself, and our dear Michael will not qualify for this program just to mention a few. Will you qualify? Can you afford to pay the entire fees this will encure? I know I can't and my kids can't either. This is not fair. Again, this "plan" is for the wealthy who can already afford insurance along with thier big homes and cars. The rest of us will be hemorrhaging our resourses even more than we already are.
This is a time to get involved. Get out and VOTE. Vote for the candidate that will help America, not big business. Most of us are just a paycheck or two away from financial crisis. YOUR vote counts! You may be one of the hundreds of thousands looking at a personal crisis of one kind or another in the upcoming years. Your heath is everything. What would you do if you lost your job and you have a family to take care of? What if your Doctor,(if you can afford to go to one), says to you... "you need surgery", "you have cancer", "you need medication". Think about that when you vote this year. It is never important until you need it!
Help support our loved ones like Michael and so many others who have found themselves in an unexpected personal crisis. Listen to this podcast and support the cause! Think of all those in need, and vote for the candidate who supports US! Most of us are just a paycheck away from our own personal crisis! Help donate to this imortant cause and get out and VOTE for America's next President!

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