Thanks for the ride!

Michael, I was at the event at the Fine Line and bumped into you as you were backing away from the stage at the end of the night. I said something to the effect of "Quite a night, eh?" which you readily concured with. Then I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you of a chance meeting we'd had some years (decades, actually) before when all of a sudden we were inturupted by a bevy of giggling young women insisting they have thier picture taken with you. You acquiesced, you had no choice (but really man, get your priorities straight!). So I thought I'd tell you here about a concert you did some thirty years ago at Mankato State College with Mark Henley. I was the classical guitar geek in the audience who kept shouting out "Villa Lobos!" like some drunk at a bar. You finally shut me down with something pithy like "I haven't done that in a long time".
A couple of days later I was hitch-hiking up to the cities with a skinny little guitar/walking stick contraption I'd made when a white van pulls over and you stick your head out and say "I couldn't pass up a guy with a dulcimer." whereupon I remarked as I climbed in "It's not a dulcimer, and I know who you are!".(I'm still just as smooth today). So the rest of the way into Saint Paul I had a great time talking with one of my idols about guitars (you let me try your Gibson?/Fleta), strings (you gave me one of your Saverez wound thirds), Flamenco (which is still my main bag today)and bummin' cigarettes (Taryton, as I recall. My God am I a geek!) I also told you about my friend who made guitars which you did eventually go and try out.

I just want to say thanks again for the ride, the string, the smokes (only a memory now), checking out my friends instruments, showing me that nylon strings can be put to the service of music in more than one or two styles, being one of the true originals and most of all ... thanks for not leaving this planet just yet.

....Now, where's my Villa Lobos!

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Thanks for the ride!
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