MJ's Olson...FOR SALE?!?!

Holy cow! The Holy Grail is up for grabs!?!? (See the most recent Monologue)

Michael, how can you let your Olson go?

You and I met at a gig in Wisconson a couple of years ago and we got talking about geeky guitar stuff. Told you I was considering ordering an Olson; you couldn't have offered higher praise (Jim was honored by your testimony).

So I took the plunge and got my Olson ordered just 3 months before Jim stopped taking orders; he guarantees me it just might, maybe, hopefully be done sometime in the near future. I literally have dreams of my new baby...

And that's just me, a bona fide gee-tar hack. It's hard to imagine what an instrument of this quality means to someone who can actually make music with it. It's gotta kill you to have to let it go.

I wish I had the kind of cash to buy yours. To find a used Olson is hard enough; but to have yours would be a treasure.