Two out-of-print MJ recordings available!


I cleared this with the webmaster, and she gave me the clearance to go ahead with this.

Last May, my mom, who was terminally with ovarian cancer, passed away the day after Michael gave a concert in my home town of Silver Spring, MD. I needed to take a little breather from the imminent pressures of losing a parent, and MJ provided both myself and my very special lady that respite. For that, I will be forever grateful.

My mom gave me the gift of music, which has led to a 30-plus year love affair as a singer/songwriter/guitarist, mostly in and around the Washington, DC area. I am preparing several projects as fundraisers for the American Cancer Society in my mother's memory. The "biggie", so far, will be the auction on e-Bay of a Taylor 355 12-string guitar, brand new, with the top autographed by such notables as Steve Gillette ("Darcy Farrow"), Tom Rush, Lucy Kaplansky, the Four Bitching Babes, and, shortly, Gordon Lightfoot. I hope to cross paths with Michael soon so that he may sign it. Anyway, that will take place later this year. Right now, I happen to have one copy each of the now out-of-print compact discs, "Best of Michael Johnson" (with "Life's A Bitch") on RCA, and the Atlantic recording, "Michael Johnson". Both are used, but in very good condition. Some of you may not have these in your collection, so this is an opportunity to add them. I will be accepting offers on them through the end of this month. On May 1st, the highest offers will win them. Proceeds, including my costs for them, will be given to the ACS. Drop me a line on the e-mail, so that I can track this carefully. Add $2.50 for s/h by USPS for US addresses. For international winners, we'll have to talk.

Thanks to Cindy and Michael for allowing me to do this.

Len Jaffe

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Two out-of-print MJ recordings available!
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