concert review

Below is an email review that was distributed to the South Florida Chat Line. Concert: Coral Springs, FL, April 6, 2001.

What a great concert! Altho I fall in the age group who should remember Michael Johnson, I admit, other than "Bluer than Blue" I didn't know anything about this amazing performer. He must have been popular during
my suburban housewife years. So for me, this was no different than you guys taking a risk on a performer that I have raved about, but you had never heard of yourself. I went to support Bob in his concert series because I have liked most of the performers that he has presented. And I am SO glad I did!

First, and most important to me, lyrics were great - well written, lots of metaphor, clever country music-type hooks (but without the twangy voice and guitar) and not too heavy on the love songs. Second, patter - what a sense of humor and a great storytelling. His intro to the song for his teenage son was filled with horror over face-piercing, pants hanging low on the ass and his son's band named Snotrocket. And then he sang this very tender song that he wrote before the teenage years. Third was musicianship - I have never heard such great folk sound from a nylon string guitar! And to top it off, he was playing with a broken ring finger on his strumming hand and breathing with a broken rib. This had to be one of the first concerts since his car accident.

I bought the last "Live" CD and am looking forward to enjoying it as soon as Michael Stock's show is over. I eagerly anticipate his return next year! I hope that all of you who missed him will be there. I have no doubt that all of us who saw him will be! See you at the picnic tomorrow!