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If you have Cool Edit and five spare minutes (and a cd-r drive or some cables to connect your soundcard to an external tape deck if you like how it turns out), you can make your own sans lead vocal version. I will forewarn you, though, that I guess the mic used to record the vocals was omnidirectional, becuase I was unable to get rid of the actual lead vocal reverb with this technique. However, it seems to get rid of most of the vocal itself, so if you don't have a really good resonant voice, maybe the reverb will fatten up your vocals? I don't know.

Anyway, it would help if you had a cd-ripper program. You pop in your RCA Best Of Michael Johnson cd (or whatever you have, I'm just using that as an example as it is what I have) and copy the track in Stereo 44.1 kHz 16 BIT quality (it must be in stereo or else it won't work). Open the file in Cool Edit. Then, create a new file. This new file will be Mono 44.1 kHz 16 BIT. Then, go back to the old window with I Will Whisper loaded, select the entire left channel only (this can be done by moving the mouse to the lower left hand corner of the left waveform), copy it, and paste it into your new file. Now, copy the entire right channel the same way, but this time, after copying it, you will want to do a mix paste to the new file. When you select mix paste, an option box will appear. Select "overlap" and check the "invert" checkbox. Now, when it finishes pasting, listen to the playback. Of course, it sounds a bit different, since the stereo spacing is gone, but most of the lead vocals should be gone from the mix.

And, in case you want an explanation of what the hell I'm talking about, in layman's terms, its quite simple. You're inverting one waveform against another and the inversion causes the similarities to cancel themselves while the differences remain. In other words, you're getting rid of everything that is in mono and keeping everything that is in stereo.

Enjoy (and I hope that this helps)
Kevin Loy