With love and thanks from a stranger

Hello Mister Johnson,

I couldn't resist my desire to write to you after discovering this website yesterday.
I'm 19 and have been listening to your songs and loving many of them for as long as I can remember and particularly so in the last two years, they helped me in my attempts to find truth both in relation to myself and to the rest of the world. I can't thank you enough. I've just been reading some of your articles on performing as a solo artist, i found them extremely funny, touching and useful. So thank you for the advice and shared experiences too.

I wish i could come see you wherever you are and drink a hot chocolate with you, talk about music and life and love and funny anecdotes about the world ... To me (and probably to many others) you are a great man and I find your modesty and simplicty very humbling.

I sincerely hope your health will improve and i wish you many good experiences and feelings.

If you ever come to Paris or London and need a place to stay, I would welcome you. It's a strange feeling to trust someone through their music. Very rare for me. As a matter of fact, i think you're the only person I have that feeling about ...

Well ... in case you're wondering who i am (probably not, but one never knows). I was born and raised in Paris by two American parents (my father is a professional guitarist so i grew up surrounded by a lot of wonderful music - including your songs Rooty Toot Toot, Love and Sex, The Gypsy in the Photograph, Pilot me, ... - and learning to love and appreciate the powers of music on the soul).

These days I'm struggling with songwriting. I have many thoughts and some ideas I believe would be worth a song, but as soon as I start writing, I feel like my thoughts distort into a type of magniloquent discourse which I would rather avoid. My ambition musically (though i do not aspire to be a professional musician, or at least not only -I study theatre, education and deaf studies at the University of Reading in England and would like to be a "Physical theatre" performer and perhaps director, maybe also a bit of a writer someday- my ambition is to create some songs to tell stories and hopefully allow people from different backgrounds to connect on a creative and emotional level, ideally inspiring people to play their own music just as you've inspired me.

Though i don't truly know you, I send you my love and best regards ...

: )


ps: if you would like to hear one of my songs (though i have no idea if you would enjoy my music or not), you can listen to "Life is Wonderful" on www.myspace.com/soniawilsonmusic (i am not saying this to advertise, just had the thought you might enjoy discovering the music of people you've inspired, whether you like it or not. And if you don't like it, then perhaps you could tell me why. I would read that note very carefully i'm sure...)