A Note to Michael

“Hello” Michael,

It’s a “Crying Shame” that “Some People’s Lives” are interrupted by these events that shake up “The Good Life”. As I write this note this early morning, I look out of my window and see the sky which is “Bluer Than Blue”. “Here Comes the Sun” to greet me and “There is a Breeze” which makes the humidity more bearable. To myself, I think, “Ain’t Dis Da Life” as I watch a “Poor Little Robin” try to tug a worm out of the ground. I can see the smoke from “A Distant Fire” – probably some farmer trying to burn up some tires before the EPA wakens.

The paper boy is “On The Road” after a 5 AM “Departure” from the office. (It must be terribly boring to be a paper boy traveling the same route every day – “Moving in the Same Circles” going to the same places, seeing the same houses, talking to the same folk.) By the way, they moved the newspaper printing plant to “Chicken Road” near “Mr. Arthur’s Place”. I’m sure you know where it is – next to the “Lucky Stars” bar and “One Mile Apart” from the “Rosalee” mansion, where crazy “Imogene” screeches that, “There’s a Ghost In this House” everytime someone drives by.

Each day, I pray “In The Name Of God” that you will soon experience “The Glory” of “Happier Days”. It will take “Time Sweet Time” and will feel like a “Roller Coaster Run” where some days you’ll be up and some days you’ll be down. I’m sure “You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught” all of your exercises by the therapists. Right now, “It’s Too Soon To Tell” how long it will take to get you back to your old self, but it will be “Worth The Trouble” to do your exercises.

I hear the Physical Therapy room is kind of fun if you are into gadgets. Sometimes I wish that I could say “It’s My Job” to work with all of that equipment which uses “Software” to measure your daily progress. It looks like a lot of fun. I wish you could “Walk Me Round Your Garden” during your recuperation. Don’t worry – It won’t be all that long before you are riding “Ponies” on “Miami Beach” again.

Hey – how are the nurses in the hospital? Don’t you hate it when they wake you up and “Whisper Your Name” and shine that little flashlight “In Your Eyes”? “O.B. Glad” they didn’t mix you up with the guy having a colonoscopy – they use a whole different kind of flashlight. Who are they looking for when they look at your wrist band and ask if you are “the” Michael Johnson. ‘It Must Be You” if it says so on the arm band.

Have they talked about restrictions after you get out of the hospital? I hear there won’t be any sitting in a “Circle Of Fifths” drinking whiskey, playing spin the bottle, trying “To Feel A Friend” or having “Love and Sex” for awhile. You’ll have to just think about the “Old Fashioned Love” like the rest of the “Old Folks” do. (ha ha)

Well, the next time I write, you’ll be “Almost Free” from the hospital. You’ll probably feel guilty about all of those people who have “Troubled For You”, but you shouldn’t. I’m sure they feel like I do. We’d do anything for you because you’ve done so much for us. You’re “Heart and Soul To Me”. Well, I can’t think of any more advice or news, so “That’s That”. “See You Soon”, Michael.

“Goodbye” from South Dakota.


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