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Jenny, why would it even occur to you that you're being too picky? You are a fan who has brought up a reasonable point. Like you, I love Michael's voice, the way he plays his guitar, and his music. But when I heard "One Mile Apart" -- a great song over all -- I was distracted by the word "peseta." He had taken me into this soulful story, and then I got thrown off by that line. So many people love his music, and many of us have grown Mexican roots. Why would Michael want to make us wince or do a double-take in the middle of such a powerful song? Talking about earning pesetas in Mexico is like talking about earning pounds in the U.S. Pounds and pesetas are European currencies -- what do they have to do with North America?

It's not that big of a deal that the word was misused in concert or on a CD, so it should not be a big deal for the lyrics to be corrected, if only for the sake of the song's reaching the hearts of those of us who know and love Mexico. Again, what's the big deal here? An error has been found and should be corrected. This is hardly a slap at Michael's poetic license.

Although I love Michael's music, I don't know much about him personally. But just listening to his music, I find it hard to imagine that he is the kind of person who would persist in using a word for Spanish currency when he wants to talk about Mexican currency. And when he writes lyrics, he certainly wouldn't use the word "yen" for Mexican currency because it just happened to rhyme with "men", would he? And he definitely wouldn't use "bolivar" (Venezuelan currency) because, after all, what rhymes with "bolivar"?

I still don't understand why anyone would question the reasonableness of changing "pesetas" to "pesitos" or "centavos."

Well, I just had to put in my two pfennings...

for what ever it's worth.