Re: Galesville and pesetas/pesos


Even without asking Michael, I can almost tell you that this is not the hill he wants to die on, and I can bet it's not the one you want to die on, either. In the great scheme of things, it's not that big a deal. No one is intentionally harming anyone else, and there isn't a single person on the face of the planet who, with a little prodding, couldn't find something wrong with a sunny day. I am a songwriter myself, and I'm planning on recording my first CD in the next couple of months. I can assure you I have taken "poetic licence" numerous times, just to capture a mood. No one has ever complained about it. As Lenny Bruce observed back in the '50's and '60's, words are generally offensive if only you assign meaning to them. Name calling has been going on for centuries, without any sign of stopping. There was a huge controversy about changing the name of the Washington football team several years ago, and even a very dear lady to whom I still care very much about, who is one-eighth Cherokee, registered a similar opinion as yours, but also understood that the team has done wonders for the area in bringing people together, and by changing the name, you are tearing the heart out of the franchise.

If you want to be offended, under our system of government in this country, you are entitled. For me, I'd rather look at the bigger picture, and try to make life better for the majority of people rather than nitpick an issue that, when examined, although having some merit, does not threaten anyone. You know what threatens people? Israel and the Palestinians, after centuries of bloodshed, still unable to sit down and make peace, condemning future generations to the same stupidity that has preceded it! And that's not the only example I could draw. Jenny, my point is, even if Michael intentionally (which I don't believe he did) used the lyrics inaccurately, I would be upset over more pressing issues. And don't forget, in your initial message, you did ask for other people's thoughts. Be adult enough to accept them, even if you don't agree with them, which is your right.

Have a nice day!

Len Jaffe