Denver, Boise & Johnson songs

Some of the Michael Johnson fans who frequent this site, may be interested in some old Denver, Boise & Johnson songs I've put on the Internet. One set comes from a reel-to-reel tape that John Denver sent to myself and a couple of other friends in 1968. This recording of Denver, Boise & Johnson's last two concerts was made by John Denver, and has several songs featuring Michael on it. The other tape, from The Bistro Inn, in Columbus, Ohio, was probably recorded by myself when I saw them there.

If you're interested in how Michael sounded and played in 1968 with Denver, Boise & Johnson, the songs are here:

There's a link at the top of the page, titled "Song Notes", where I've gone into some detail about the songs. It's not complete yet, but this is my fond memories of these songs. Denver, Boise & Johnson had a big effect on many folk singers in Cincinnati, and the fact that my group, The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs, has been doing two of these songs for 40 years is an indication of that.

The direct link for the song notes is at: