remember when


Just a little insight regarding your getting booked at the Kerrville Folk Festival after trying for a few years. Do you remember doing a concert back in the early 90's for the Trails End Folk Music Society down in South Texas. I had been trying to book Crow Johnson for one of our concerts and when I called to talk to her she asked me if I might be interested in booking you also for the same concert. I was familiar enough with your music to understand that you were probably out of our price range which I related to Crow. She says you might be surprized. So I called your agent in Nashville and, sure enough, we worked it out. I was on cloud nine at the possibiltiy of having you both on the same concert but, at the same time, I was scared to death. However, we went to work and sold enough tickets to cover everthing. The show was pure magic. You totally paralyzed the audience. Crow also brought Nena Gerber with her and they were spellbinding as well. I was thrilled and the audience as well. Well, to make a short story long, we video taped the concert as we always did. A short time later, my wife and I happened to be in San Antonio to attend a house concert that some friends of mine were running called Urban Campfires. We stayed at their house that night.
The other house guest happened to be Rod Kennedys girl Friday, Andrea.
I had been telling her and the Arnolds about this amazing concert we had done in Harlingen with you and Crow. I put in the video and they were spellbound. Andrea commented, My God, who is that guy, he is incredible!..I mentioned your name and she got this funny look on her face and commented, "Crow had been talking to Rod for awhile to try and get him to book you on the festival, but Rod never got around to doing it." Anyway, I loaned her the video to take back and show Rod.
The next year at Kerrville, there you were, in all your glory and you kicked their butts. Don't know for sure if it was related but, more than likely, it was. Small world, right Michael. Havent seen you in quite a while and I miss your music. Hope to see you soon.

I am performing on a regular basis on South Padre Island, Tx. and do a couple of your tunes. Havent promoted any concerts since the early 90's but thinking about starting again. If so, you will definitely be high on my list. Keep on keepin on. (PS, I have a good friend here on the island that is an incredible songwriter by the name of J.Michael Lafferty. He has two acoustic ablums and one with a full band. I have been trying to find people that might be interested in giving his stuff a good listen and maybe do something with them. If you have an interest, I can have him email you and send you some CD's.
I still remember you telling me how you like to listen to new material when you travel.)

Happy Trails........jrh