Finally, after all these years

I have been a fan since I heard "Movin in the Same Circles" on the radio back in 1977. I attended your yearly concert in Minneapolis on December 26th every year, as a birthday present to myself. I have been waiting for this website to come online, so I could thank you personally for one of those birthday concerts in particular. It was back in 1984 at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. My sisters were sweet enought to write a note to you for the ushers to give you backstage during intermission, asking you to sing something special for me on my birthday. The concert that year was being simulcast on our local radio station, Cities 97, and my brother in law was home taping it for me. When you came back on stage, you had the note with you, set it under your chair, and proceeded to play James Taylor's "Secret of Life". I've always wanted to tell you how special that was to me that night, and to thank you for making my birthday so special, not only that year, but every year that you've played on that day. I still have the tape of that simulcast, and listen to it often. Thank God for the new technology which is now enabling me to put it on a CD, preserving it before it is completely worn out. I am hoping to find you playing on December 26th again soon, although it looks like this year is out. I missed the concert in June with the Minnesota Orchestra, but now that the website is here, I plan to keep checking for your appearances in my area. I am also very happy to see your cd's becoming available. I found some at CD but was still in search of 'Ain't Dis Da Life, and For All You Mad Musicians. I was so happy to find those available when I discovered your website the other day. I am looking forward to receiving those in the mail very shortly. Thanks again. To all my fellow fans out there...See you Soon, and Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon.