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Hopefully Cindy is allowing URLs again...here are some resources that might also be able to help:
http://www.froogle.com (an offshoot of google)
and, of course, there's the omnipresent eBay.

Consequently, there used to be an excellent import source in Canada called "Music Selection", though they seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. Unfortunately, with the rise of online stores like Amazon, a lot of great stores that used to specialize in things like this have went out of business (if anybody knows of any good import specialists that are still online, please let me know).

As a side note, when I was browsing through GEMM, I saw a listing for "puedes llamarme triste" [triste is actually 'sad', but it works better in this context...anyway]. Is this a spanish-language version of You Can Call Me Blue, or is it the typical english-language version with a Spanish title?

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