message board

Well, how does everyone like all the spamming? I just received an email asking what's going on. Actually it's been happening for a while but I try to delete them as quickly as I can so most of you haven't seen them, except for these recent ones. It's been a pain to do this.

A while back I banned anyone from posting URLs and that helped a lot but lately it hasn't mattered. So I have some alternatives to suggest.

1) An approved board. This means I have to go through the same process as deleting spam but instead of deleting, I will be approving legit messages. Since we get more SPAM than legit messages, this will save me time. The downside is the messages won't appear on the board until I approve them. But since I get an email as soon as someone tries to post something, I can be pretty prompt at getting them up on the board.

2) The other option is making posters register with passwords and all that. Of course spammers can also register.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions. We would try the first option for a couple days and see if there's any downside to it.