Ack!! Sorry!
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Ack!! Thought about what I wrote the other day and decided I needed to do a retraction. (I’m on vacation--and apparently so is my brain. Too much time on my hands…) That was a feeble attempt at humor (obviously “feeble” being the definitive word…) To paraphrase MJ, it was a joke; however, in the event of an actual joke, it would have been funny… That seemed to come off as more brutal than funny. (Problem with the written word is that you don’t get the tone or body language to go with it, so you never quite know how it’s intended or received.)

I’m actually a real stickler about “taking care of your own stuff,” and I firmly believe there’s a fine line between support and control. I know when someone’s “support” starts spilling into control for me, because I start feeling “prickly.” If I announce I’m going to try to take off a few pounds, it’s one thing if someone says, “Wow, you’re serious about this, you passed up that whole buffet and stuck with the veggies. Wish I could do that.” It’s another if someone says, “Seconds? I thought you were cutting back?” The second will most likely evoke, “Oh, yah, let’s see what you say when I go in for thirds…” We all know that ultimately we have to make, and do make, our own choices in life, and then have to live with the results of those choices—-good or bad.

I have enough friends “in the business” to know that life on the road (and the business in general) is TOUGH, and not exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. My own work puts me in front of the public enough to know the toll that alone can take. I can talk to 100 people afterwards who will say, “That was great!!” But the one that’s most likely to stick with me is the one out of 100 who will say, “Having an off day, huh?” (often that one critical voice is my own). And some days I grab whatever’s handiest to try to quiet those voices.

I have a couple of friends who are marathon runners. (I thought about doing that once, then laid down on the couch with a bag of chips until the thought passed…) Family and friends will often go to cheer them on. Sometimes they’ll even stand at strategic spots if they know it’s a particularly difficult part of the course. Friends say that more than once that helped keep them in the race. That was the image I had in mind when I inquired about this in the first place. So, MJ, (note transitional Minnesota “so”…) hope that’s the image you’ll keep in mind--no pressure, no judgment, just “cheering on.” The choice will always be yours.

Okay, this was a bit verbose and heavy for a message board, but then…that was my choice…ha! Don’t worry…I go back to work next week…