In Spring of 1972, I went from my home state of RI to Doylestown, PA with a friend of mine (who lived there and was a fellow student at Univ. of RI) with whom I had just started performing Folk/Rock in local coffeehouses. While I was there, I went to the Main Point Coffeehouse in Bryn Mawr to see the legendary Tim Buckley. There was a fellow playing solo as the warm up act who "blew me away", and whose performance was light years better than the headliner. As he closed his show (with a vast and varied repertoire from Brubeck's "Take Five" to "Old Folks" by Jacques Brel), he announced he would be appearing in a coffehouse (Phoenix?) in Cambridge, MA the next night. I cut short my visit in PA to get to Cambridge for his next show, and had the good fortune of being able to spend some time talking about music with this master of the genre. Shortly after this, the album "There is a Breeze" was released, and I incorporated the title track and a few others from this album into my repertoire for the next few years that I was performing. Outside of Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, I can't think of anyone else other than Michael Johnson who has the musicality, virtuosity, warmth and thoughtful/literate repertoire who is his equal, from before or since my first encounter with him. It's a funny coincidence that today I was listening to a performance by Jackie Allen (singing "Go") on Pandora.com and I got the strange feeling that there was something very familiar about this song, and it struck me that this song sounded like something Michael Johnson would sing. This sent me to the internet to see if Michael Johnson was still "out and about" as I had not seen any recordings by him since "You Can Call Me Blue" was released. Fantastic! I found this website and I'm in my glories knowing I have many years ahead of me of being able to listen to this consummate artist.