Pray for Tom Dundee

This is from Stephen Powers, in California:

Subject: Pray For Tom Dundee
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 12:42:28 -0700

Dear Friends & Family,

I am writing because I know that you love Tom Dundee as much as Tigris and I
do. He is a dear friend and has been an inspiration to me and my family for
33 years. He is a wonderfully kind, generous and bright light in this

Tom was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident on Friday night (April
14) in Chicago. He is in the intensive care unit of St. Francis Hospital in
Evanston. As a result of the accident and subsequent surgery, he suffered a
stroke on Sunday morning. His condition is very grave.

Please join me in prayer for Tom. Please send him love and healing energy
and let him know that we all care for him deeply and need him.

Please also pray for Rhonda Perkins, his long-time girlfriend, who has been
given the responsibility of making the medical decisions relating to Tom, as
he has no other family living.

Thank you for loving Tom.

peace and blessings,