Greenwood Concert-Dean Stevens

Hello Michael,
Your Greenwood concert last night was fantastic. After the show I mentioned to you your style similarities to one, Dean Stevens, from Boston. With another 20 people waiting in line to talk to you I would be amazed if you could remember his name after talking to all of them . Also, with Dean spending most of his time in South America with an Oxfam type organization, your chances of catching his music are small. I saw him at a fund raiser for a clean water project. I did buy his CD and I'd like to send you a copy of a song he wrote and sang called "Old Man in the Garden." His guitar part moves throughout the song much like your fluid parts that remind me of an accomplished, experienced, pianist songstylist unlimited by the chord clutching medium of the folk guitarist. Even though I saw him play this song and watched his hands the whole song I still haven't been able to approach the guitar part after 5 years of trying. (He even tells his tuning on the CD) DADGBD. His record company is Volcano Records Box 368 Boston,MA 02134. The name of the CD is EYES OF WONDER. If you have trouble finding his CD let me know and give me an address and I will send you a copy of OLD MAN IN THE GARDEN. I'll consider if advertising instead of piracy.
I am 60 years old and after collecting songs for 40+ years my current playlist, that I perform, consists of only about 20 songs including 7 originals. Of the 13 covers I do are GHOST IN THIS HOUSE and SOME PEOPLE'S LIVES. I know your playlist is probably closer to 200 songs but I still find it coincidental that you do both of those songs.
See you next time at the Greenwood. I'll bring more people now that I know you aren't just another top 40 pretty face:-)