Re: Concert at Paramount in St. Cloud

Huh? 15 years ago? Local hits?

If my memory serves, MJ was studying in Spain around 1966 (40 years ago, not 15) and the dismal pop hits you lament came out around'78-'80 (25+ years ago)...You must be referring to a tour or vacation in Spain?

As for the missed hits - - Anyone with such a long and prolific career can't possibly spend every show playing nothing but "hits". I mean, what about all the other "hits" he didn't play? You obviously like the song "That's that"...but it wasn't a "hit". "Almost Being in Love" and "This Night Won't Last Forever" were quantifiable "hits". And, later, in his RCA "Country" phase of his career- "Give Me Wings", "I Love You By Heart", "The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder" were all Top 10 "hits".

I was at the Dec 26 show in Hopkins, and he didn't play any of those, either.

I've admired and loved Michael's music since "There Is A Breeze", would be happy to hear him play anything, anytime. I've never cared for any single Pop Hit he's had - - but have never begrudged his decision to "make some money". I'm only thrilled that he's continued to play and record some "good" songs all along the way. I'd trade all those hits for any single song from his first three albums or "Departure". But, along the way, there have been a few gems, like "Bristlecone Pine" or "Dialogue" that make each record worth having.

I've been seeing MJ play live for over 30 years, and always recall -- in his "hay-day" playing those hits as regrettable highlights for the narrow-minded, radio-fed, singles-driven, audience members who otherwise wouldn't know why they were there. I always felt that he did so with anguish and with apology to his "real" fans. That was in the days when he sold-out Orchestra Hall every Dec 26...

I always forgave him that, too. Happily.

This year I was thrilled to see him step right over those songs. I loved the new songs. Enjoyed everything he performed.

I thought it was sad - - given his talent and prolific career - - at $24/seat to see such a tiny crowd. I thought, "Of this small gathering, you have a handful of diehard, life-long fans; a bunch who only know his hits; and a few who have very little idea who he is."

How could he either fully satisfy or offend this small gathering?

MJ - Don't worry about this guy not coming to see you anymore. I'll buy an extra ticket to the next show to make up for him. You follow your heart and your instincts. Besides - - I know you take requests. Next time, we'd love to hear "Cain's Blood"!!!

PS: My 17-year-old son was so pleased to get a picture with you after the show. He, too, didn't miss the Top 40 exemptions at all!!