Concert at Paramount in St. Cloud

Saw you last nite in St. Cloud. I was very impressed with your vocals and extraordinary guitar work. However, I have two bones to pick with you. John Lennon had absolutely nothing to do with "I Will". Not only did Paul write it alone, but he recorded it all alone for the "White Album". See my Beatle Internet book. Anyway, one other tidbit: Although Paul played all the instruments on the recording of the song, he didn't play the bass! The reason? He sang the bass instead of playing it. Listen closely to the song. Second bone to pick. Many, many of the people in the audience came because they like you because of the way you did "Bluer Than Blue" and "That's That". After all those are the songs that got you the audience (most of them) you have today. To not include those in your concert is doing a disservice to your fans. Don't say, "That's in the past, I'm moving on..etc. etc." You still owe it to your fans to do those songs, even if it's a line or two in a medley. Shame on you Michael.