Re: Henley's "Music Cup" lyrics / requests for nex

So "Wonderful World of Sex" wasn't written by the contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Michael Smith? (Chuckle chuckle).

I'm filling in songwriter-name gaps here, and appreciate your help supplying some I was missing. I found that "Oklahoma Stray" was written by Michael Peterson. Maybe you or others know a few more of the names for those below.

I found that "Sermonette" was recorded by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, but don't know who wrote it.

"Love Looks for You" was written by a close friend of Minnesota (still? or not?) singer/songwriter Barb With, but I can't recall his name. The song starts,
"Fare thee well you midnight companions,
the night will pass no matter what we do.
All we did was paint my ceiling blue;
don't look for love, love looks for you."
I think this was performed by Michael in concert, recorded and broadcast by either KSJN or KQRS in the '80's.

"I want a son" (Title? songwriter?)
("...Someone I can blame for turning grey, to share my name and share my days; to share the things I've earned, the lessons that I've learned along the way...") This is a great song, but I have no idea if it's one of Michael's originals, or by someone else.

"New Boots" (?)
("I walked down Christmas morning,
and underneath the tree,
covered with dead needles,
a package there for me
with a big ribbon, red and green,
and an inscription:
'To a head filled with rocks
and water-filled socks
the one who stands outside the door
and squishes before he knocks...")
- This one feels like it could be a Mark Henley song, sometimes playing with and against country-western conventions. I think Michael used to play it around the time he was working with Mark Henley.

"Ladybug & Centipede" (?)
"The ladybug and the centipede got married...
The ladybug and the centipede, they wed...."
Includes a line about the ladybug knitting "lots and lots" of little socks.

These last two are cute, humorous songs in the same vein as "Jaques Cousteau." Humor for the whole family-- my parents get a kick out of "Jaques," but my 7-year old daughter does too.

I've often appreciated how broadly eclectic Michael has been through the years. He introduced many musicians to the work of many songwriters, and he helped us see how arrangements have the potential to make songs our own.