Henley's "Music Cup" lyrics / requests for next CD

Michael & fans:

Anyone have (and willing to share) lyrics for Mark Henley's "Music cup"? I used to enjoy that one a lot, among countless others you've done at concerts over the years, Michael.

Some of the lines I recall:
Sometimes I look to the northern star for who we are
Sometimes I look to the (?) for who we can be
Sometimes I see some of you in me

So I take a little from here
I take a little from there
I mix it up in my music cup,
and I breathe in this love of the air....
One of my favorites.

Requests for the next album (heard at past concerts over the years, never found on your CD's) - some possibilities, maybe a "covers" CD like Shawn Colvin did:

Music Cup (Henley)
Oklahoma Stray
Love Looks for You
San Diego Serinade (Waits)
Souveniers (Prine)
Marie (Newman)
Yellow Cat (Franzen?)
Mother Lode (Dick Pinney?)
Death of an Unknown Poet (Buffet)
Carry me off to the mountains (?)
Muskrat Love (W.A.Ramsey - MJ version far better than Cap.&Ten's)
My Old Yellow Car (Schuyler)
People still fall in love (Schuyler)
I want a son (?)
Mother Night (Henley)
Rose Stay Here When Summer's Gone (?)
Sermonette (?)
Now I Know you're coming back (MJ guitar lead harmonizes with vocal)
If wishes were horses (?)
This is my last love (?) ("...I'll never need any more")
Gone, gone, gone (?) ("She was in the kitchen cookin up some lies, I was out there singing smoke gets in your eyes, and now it's...")
Wonderful world of sex (?)
Ladybug & Centipede

For others reading this - My sources: Twin cities radio used to broadcast a number of MJ's concerts. The MJ concert songs you never heard before are often some of the best, full of surprises.

Also, when Michael was living in MN and many of my friends and I were regular concert-goers, you attend enough concerts, and eventually you remember some. I once wrote Mark Henley and asked for lyrics to Mother Night, and found I could sing and play it from hearing Michael do it two or three times at different concerts. MJ's interpretations of songs leave a strong impression.

It's been a few years since I've been to one of your concerts, Michael - since you moved from MN, I haven't kept up-- we live outside the Twin Cities and don't get the Star-Trib, so we haven't always heard about concerts.

We'll try to get to Hopkins or St. Peter this December. St. Peter, 1975 was the 2nd time I heard you. Marathon III (?) at the old U of M Memorial Stadium was the first, right after "There is a Breeze" release. You've been an artist well worth following.

I play steel string & classical guitar, and am grateful for how you expanded my sense of the possibilities, the range, the interpretation of music. I still steal many of your licks.

Good to see the web site and to see you're still performing.