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I first heard Michael Johnson in Rockford, IL, in the early 1970s. I was a young guitarist and was completely blown away by the way his voice and guitar blended together. The combination formed scenes and stories and emotions the way great poetry does. I was just expert enough at guitar, and poetry, to be all the more impressed by his skill and musical intuition.

He brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes, it was a sweet phrase - lyrics and music together. Other times, it was my realization that it was indeed possible to express one's soul, and that I had far too much work to do to get where he was. He had a lot to do with my growth as a musician - and probably my eventual surrender. Although I haven't played in 20 years, I still have beautiful memories and fragments of sweet, sad songs in my head.

Anyway, I was glad to find this web site. I was especially glad to find the CD of the first three albums. I wore my own copies out - literally - playing phrases over and over until I had even the tone memorized. As the years went by, I even lost the worn out albums. Michael showed no sign of returning from country to folk, so I was sure I'd never hear my favorite music again. I eventually resigned myself to the occasional wisp of music in my mind. I am so glad to be able to buy those albums again.

Thanks for your visits to Charlotte's Web, Michael. You helped give hope and vision to a young man who needed it desperately.

(By the way, I thought you used Savarez red card with a wound G. And is there any chance of recording any of the more "bluesy" songs from your "Pop" years on your upcoming album?)

Jeff Gitchel

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