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Congrats on the new website design. I just check in every couple o' weeks or so to see what's new and happened upon the new design. Love the monologue.

I'm all for the "40's-style" disc you'd talked about...have been looking forward to it since I'd heard you mention it at the Baraboo, WI gig last summer. And "You Make Me Feel So-So" has GOT to be on there....As a matter of fact, I was humming it that very tune this morning.

That was the show I caught the day I finished my Internal Medicine residency. As a reward to me, my wife piled me and the kids in the car and we drove 400 miles from Kalamazoo to Baraboo to hear you play. And if there's a lyric nestled in there somewhere, I want the proper royalties.

Y'know how you always ask the audience for requests towards the tail end of your gigs?...Ever have any one request "Anything by the Snot Rockets"? I thought about it, but with age (thank goodness) comes a little decorum.

Thanks for playing and for being a musical role model.