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I have just re-read Michael's Monologue and find it to be a true writing from his heart that said to me just this...

We live in a time of hatred, judgement, misinformaiton or sometimes just no information. We as a people need to keep ourselves informed and excercise our right to choose a leader who will lead us through these scary times we live in. I don't beleive it was to incite a political debate here.

I am fortunate to have met someone who escaped the second tower before it crumbled to the ground, and was able to display a photo gallery of pictures taken by her partner, from 9/11(in my coffee shop) over the 4th of July, 2002. My nephew spent a year in Tikrit just having come home in April. (He entered Iraq on the 4th of July last year, which I felt was quite ironic). We recieved a 3 page email from him after entering Iraq, telling us of his trip from Kansas to Tikrit. How facinating it was to hear first hand what it was like to enter that country as a US citizen, not able to discern those who want your help from those who want you dead. There were so many different stages of feelings he went through while there, and we went through while he was there. Mostly fear for his life.

I will not use this website to air my political beliefs, but will say that in the past few years so many things have hit very close to home for me. I do not, nor will I ever live in fear for my life. I do believe what will be, will be. I also believe however, that what will be can take many different routes, and the right leader can take us down the right path. I'm just not sure yet what that right path is.

I too and registered, and make an attempt to stay informed (though through our media that sometimes is a difficult task, who's lying and who's not???) My only hope is that our new leader is someone we want, not the one who gets elected because the other is the one we didn't want.

For sanity purposes, my daughter and I recite the Serenity Prayer every night before we go to sleep. Try it sometime, it works wonders.