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So this is better?

Do you have no faith in the United Nations? Do you believe that we should forever be the "cops of the world" and unilaterally advance whether we have support from our allies or not? I don't.

Keep something in mind. The very nature of terrorism means you never know when or where it's going to rear its ugly head. If you want to live your life in fear and apprehension, you certainly have my permission. Pete, the key to "winning" the war on terrorism (and no one wins, trust me on that!) is vigilence. Israel has known that since its creation as a state in 1948, and for centuries before as a people. They are still targeted as the ones to be bombed out of existence by most of the Arabic countries that surround them. They continue to thrive because of their vigilence, and we must learn to do the same thing.

A compatriate of Michael's, the late John Denver, delivered a speech to the International Platform Association on August 6, 1982, when he was awarded the Carl Sandberg Peoples' Poet Award. That day also happened to be the 37th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Within the body of that speech (and I would be happy to send it to you on cd-r if you like), he said a man came here some two millenia ago with a message of "do unto others AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM do unto you." He said at the time that the United States, the Russians, and Israel had forgotten that. Idealistically, I would love to agree with that statement, that we have forgotten that. We haven't forgotten that. It just seems to get in the way of our being able to survive. Israel has no alternative but to retaliate when a suicide bomber...a terrorist...comes into a restaurant and detonates his weapon. My friend, Chuck Pyle, a wonderful human being...singer, songwriter, and Zen cowboy poet, says "an eye for an eye will just make the whole world go blind." Philosophically, I agree with him, too. As a practical matter, I don't. It gets in the way of our survival.

I am not in denial here, Pete. I know there will always be people of the world, usually extremists of the far left or right, politically, whom the rest of us react to. The truth is, there are still more of us in the middle ground then there are extremists. Too many of us just see what is directly in front of us, and pay little attention to what is going on in the world. Now, to tie this tirade up in a nice many of you who read this message board pay any attention at all to the political climate CLOSELY other than once every four years when we elect a president? Probably most of you. I have the "luxury" (?) of my local news being everyone else's national news. I'm too damn close to the Beltway mentality and I fight it every single day as best as I can, yet, I do listen to as many sides of the arguments being bandied about, from the liberal talkmeisters of NPR to Limbaugh and Hannity on the radio, and some of the others on MSNBC, CNN, and as many of the Sunday talk shows as I can stand, as well as reading the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and USA Today almost every single day, and the major magazines as often as possible.

Michael started this whole discussion by saying he was going to become better informed and make his decision based on his research, if I am paraphrasing him correctly. I sincerely hope we all do the same. And Pete, even though you and I might disagree over just how to achieve a safer world for ourselves as well as those coming along, I have no doubt that we walk together in the knowledge that we live in the greatest country on the face of the earth, despite all our problems, and we should remember our freedoms and those who gave their lives to give them to us. Now, it's our turn.

Peace, my friends.