Orchestra hall...another opinion?

Let me start by saying that I am a longtime MJ fan, dating back to shows in the mid-late 70's.
I was at Orchestra Hall last week, and while I liked much of what I heard, I left unsatisfied. Maybe I'm spoiled from so many wonderful performances :-)

First of all, I didn't think the show lived up to its billing as a "40's" show. The poster outside the hall advertised the concert as "Michael Johnson: Standards", but I'm not sure how many songs qualified. "Paper Moon"? Of course. But I'm not sure how many other 'standards' were actually played (anyone have a setlist?).
Why not play "Almost Like Being In Love"? That certainly would have qualified (and it would have helped satisfy the grumblers seated near me who didn't recognize many of the selections).
"One-note Samba" was very nice. "Take Five" (which I've heard Michael perform before) would have fit in nicely here.
This show would have even been a good excuse to bring back some MJ favorites that have the sound/feel of the great 40's songs. "Ain't dis da life", anyone? "25 words or less"?

Next, the overall mood of the selections seemed to be...well, melancholy. There were an abundance of 'lost love' songs that (I thought) made the show drag. That type of song is fine, but at most MJ shows I've been to, he'll mix the 'downer' songs with ones that give the listener an overall 'hopeful' feeling.

On the positive side, I thought Jelly Roll did some verrry tasty harp work. Michael's stories were, as always, very entertaining...it's been fun to follow his updates on the boys, dating back to when they were babies :-) His guitar work is always wonderful.

I hope no one is offended by this. It's just my opinion as a longtime fan. I'd still go to a Michael Johnson concert before 90% of the other choices out there!